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GPNS 50 Reunion

GPNS 50th Reunion

February 22, 2021

50th Reunion Update
In 2009 a small group of Class of 1970 classmates from both Grosse Pointe South & North High Schools set up their respective groups or pages on Facebook, so we had an outlet to keep in touch because we have all spread so far and wide. 12 years and a combined 363 members later, the pages are still going strong and offer a chance to keep up with our many, many friends from both GPN and GPS. The Facebook pages are: Grosse Pointe South High School 1970 and Grosse Pointe North High School Charter Class of 1970. There is also our joint webpage here at GPNS1970.com.
Who would have thought our world would change SO much in 12 years ! Aside from far too many classmates gone far too soon, the corona virus shook the world to its core starting in early 2020 and continues to run amok. “Normal” as we once knew it, is probably gone forever. As we wait for the “new normal” to become a part of our everyday lives, we sit back (socially distanced !), and wonder where it will all lead.
All the while, a steadfast group of Reunion Committee members diligently tried to pull together a 50th Reunion, only to have the rug pulled out from under all the work by covid shutdowns worldwide. Our 50th, originally planned for June 2020, moved to 2021, possibly with the Classes from 1971. But, logistics were not on our side, and it appears their Reunions will, also, probably be cancelled or moved further into the future.
Then, an idea struck: 2022 ! It could be our 52nd (most of us were born in ’52) – and -- we will all be turning 70 (or, most of us will, anyway). And, so the “52/70” Reunion was “born”. Hoping 2022 might bring back something closer to “normal”, discussions continued………however, venues are hurting, too, and the requirements are becoming more and more restrictive (non-refundable deposits, higher deposits, higher costs, “minimums” for count, etc.) And, then there are crowd numbers – how many will actually be allowed indoors or out, and when ??
The State of Michigan is still essentially “closed” for the (un)foreseeable future. No indoor groups or tables larger than six, outdoor gatherings are restricted to no more than 25 people, names and contact info are required for all gatherings, we are hearing masks will be “essential” until well into 2022, and the list goes on and on. Additionally, many classmates have advised they are on fixed incomes these days - Classmates are becoming less and less interested in chancing travel and expenses in an unknown world. Every day brings a new “canceled” something.
So, after countless discussions and suggestions, sadly and regrettably, the decision was made to cancel our 50th Reunion with the thought in mind of keeping everyone safe and well until such time as we know what our “new normal” looks like. Trust us, it was NOT an easy decision !
In the meantime, stay well. Stay safe. Stay connected. Let’s try for a 55th in 2025 and blow the doors off ! We’re the Class of ’70 – we KNOW how to PARTY !!!
Your Reunion Committee:
Carol Anderson Wagner (South)
Debi Stormes Schoenherr (South)
Edward Eroe (North)
David Flatt (North)

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